How do I edit a completed questionnaire?

It is now possible to edit a completed questionnaire from within Ontrack web app. This provides a whole lot more flexibility when it comes to integrating site based data capture with your business processes.

How does this work?

Users complete a questionnaire via the mobile app in the usual way. When the answers are received into the web app, an entry is added to the drop-down list next to the task question answers section on the Job view page.

This displays the number of completed sets of answers for this particular questionnaire type, with a completed date and time stamp. Any fields that cannot be edited, will be greyed out.

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The majority of site based questionnaires are short or can be completed relatively quickly, but what happens if you have a started a particularly long questionnaire and have to take a phone call or perhaps someone asks you a question?

Do you risk losing all the answers you have submitted so far?

The Ontrack team are pleased to be able to introduce the Save and Resume functionality which will resolve this issue and make the data collections tools in Ontrack among the best in the industry.

How does the save and resume work?

Each time you start a questionnaire, you will have the option to save a draft. This draft can be returned to later so there is no need to worry if something comes up to distract you. 

The questionnaire will look the same, but now when you navigate away, you will be presented with three new options:

Save Draft – saves latest changes so they are preserved for next time.

Discard Draft and return to Task – this loses any changes you have made in this session (any answers submitted in a previous session will be preserved because they were saved in previous edit).

Reset Questionnaire – this will remove the most recently added answers and revert back to the draft that I saw when first returning to the questionnaire.

On site data capture

Find out more about the importance of flexibility when completing on site data capture by speaking with our team.

Ontrack is excited to announce that our new Auditing and NCR Module is now available.

The module allows you to create and view configurable Audit tasks in the Ontrack system. Any NCR’s raised as a result of the audit can be tracked to resolution and conformance.

Filters allow results to be reported for Contract, Auditor, Audited Gang, Date Scheduled and Status. Analysis helps you to understand root causes thereby improving the compliance in your business.

If your works process includes conducting a pre-site survey, site assessment or a quotation visit then Ontrack has something worth looking at.

The functions, which come in all versions of our system, include:

  • Pre-site tasks able to be allocated to survey resources
  • Take unlimited photos of each site, view online in real time
  • Capture key measures to assist in quote building
  • Capture safety, customer and other key data
  • Take video clips of the work site to help in later job planning
  • Task questions can be configured for specific job types

From only £12 per user per month, Ontrack Essentials provides a low cost entry into a better pre-site survey toolkit.

Essentials is the powerful but low-cost tool to solve your biggest business headaches with your mobile and on-site teams: be more efficient, make less errors, get more jobs done on time with the same team size or less.

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Most jobs require a risk assessment before site operatives start work. Watch a quick demo video of just how easy it is to complete a risk assessment in the Ontrack Mobile app, by clicking Play below.

The days of paper based risk assessments are long gone! Now you can embed a risk assessment directly into your works process by using Ontrack’s mobile app.

The risk assessment can be configured for your company, using the questions and structure needed for you or your clients. A number of risk assessments can be stored for different contracts or clients.

The mobile app based risk assessment is very easy to use (as seen in the video). It even captures a digital signature on the smart phone screen!

Interested in seeing more? Contact us now for a demo of the Ontrack works management system risk assessment functions.

At last, a system that is truly as easy to implement as 1-2-3!

The deployment of a new system is something which often results in missed deadlines, delayed contract starts and higher costs.

Ontrack is genuinely different. Our system is famously easy to implement into a business.

Firstly, users download the app and quickly get up and running.

Once on site they can take unlimited job photos and capture data about the job and tasks which they are completing.

The job photos and information are then immediately viewable online by all users across the business.

Too difficult?

Often those wishing to implement a new system are anxious about the difficulties of implementation. We can help companies from all sectors have a smooth implementation by using Ontrack’s 1-2-3 methodology to make the transition easy and smooth.

Ontrack introduces our latest improvement to support works planning

New functionality which:

  • Makes evaluating, planning, and assigning work to gangs & individuals easy
  • Provides a full rolling 7-day calendar display for easy identification of availability and existing work schedule
  • Utilises drag and drop technology for assigning Tasks to Gangs/Individuals
  • Tasks are colour coded by type for easy identification
  • Up to 4 weeks future and retrospective view
  • Evaluate multiple Contracts, Gangs & Tasks Types simultaneously
  • Dynamically updates the job task changes in real time
  • Easily identify unassigned tasks

Why would I use it?

  • Reduce time spent planning work
  • Instantly understand work already planned versus work which is unassigned
  • Identify gaps in work loads 
  • Manage customer expectations
  • Improve efficiency
  • Reduce costs due to unnecessary site visits & mileage

We hope you like the content we are sharing. If you do wish to speak with us regarding work management systems then please email Phil Harris or see our Contact page.

Ontrack is pleased to announce the development of the Engineering Quality Certificate.

Reflecting the system configurations required, the EQC is a certificate issued by a contractor using the Ontrack system which provides documentary evidence of the works which have been completed.

It contains job data, photos and other evidence which certify that excavation and repair works have been completed in a high quality and compliant way.

The data in the EQC comes from operatives using the workflow features in Ontrack to complete their tasks in a pre-defined way, recording critical data and photographic evidence as they work.

Why did Ontrack create the EQC?

Following the successful launch of the award winning RQC last year, Ontrack have now extended the family of reports to include the Excavation work being delivered via the system.

The EQC retains and builds upon the desire embodied within the RQC to create an innovative solution which would support delivery of all sizes of utility contracts by providing evidence that excavation and engineering works had been completed to the required standard.

As Ontrack was already capturing the data and has extensive compliance functionality both in the main works management software and its companion app, the EQC was able to be developed and rolled out in record time.

What features in Ontrack support the EQC?

Ontrack has rich functionality specifically designed for contractors to use when completing utility and other street works. The Ontrack functions which provide the evidence for the EQC are:

  • Operative Workflow
  • Compliance Prompts
  • Task Questions
  • Tagging

Site operatives use the mobile app (iOS or Android) to record their tasks, thereby providing data which drives the EQC. The workflow is configured for each client meaning that your certificate reflects the way you work.

What are the benefits?

Utilities and other Statutory Undertakers have historically struggled to demonstrate that their works are done compliantly. They have also had issues with identifying retention at the end of contract periods with their contractors.

If a certificate can be created that meets the requirements of Section 71 of the New Road and Street Works Act (NRSWA) it will help solve industry wide issues and provide reassurance for both utility, highways agency and the contractors that works are compliant.

The EQC will evidence the excavation and engineering aspects of street works. It will include site safety, excavation compliance (SRoH) and Engineering Quality Assurance and can be used on all contracts by contractors using Ontrack as their works management system.

Produced in conjunction with its sister report the RQC, the EQC can provide complete peace of mind across the full spectrum of works delivered.

How can I use the EQC in my business?

The EQC can evidence compliance internally, to your utility client and to the Highway Authorities. It can be provided to utilities in water, electric, gas and telecoms and provides them with the assurance that their asset is being correctly maintained.

Being able to demonstrate compliance in a robust and evidential manner can reduce intrusive testing by HA’s and their partners. This reduces cost, disruption, and the carbon footprint of street works.

Certificates can be provided for individual jobs or a sample of jobs. The contents of the EQC can be varied between utility clients and are bespoke for each contractor.

Significant benefits have been experienced by those using the EQC. Since its introduction it has resulted in joint agreements for the reduction and stopping of core and air void testing for one major contractor. A reduction in visual defects has also been experienced.

Please let me know if you would like more information about how Ontrack and the EQC could help your business on 

Phil Harris, Business Development Manager, Ontrack

When our developers complete a new Ontrack product feature it goes through an intense testing programme, carried out by our Quality Assurance testers.

Our testers are involved in the quality assurance stage of all software development and deployment. If issues are found, they are reported back to the developers to carry out further works to improve the product.

Once rectified, the testers will do another test to guarantee the product runs smoothly.

Once we are confident with the quality of our product and features, we then release them to our customers.

For more information on the Ontrack family of applications, book a demo today.

In March 2015, Level 5 Health and Safety offences were uncapped, meaning the potential fine is now limitless. Utilities companies didn’t really see the true impact of this until 2018 where multiple prosecutions took place ranging from £90,000 up to £385,000 for a few failures.

Mainly these prosecutions were a result of non-compliance with the Safety at Street Works and Road Works CoP (Red Book). A common difficulty in the industry is trying to deal with thousands of open excavations across a large network without any control. This volume of reactive work coupled with difficulties in full supervision results in an incredible potential risk of prosecution.

Ontrack gives you the capability to monitor jobs in real time, understand what field operatives are doing and even view images/videos wherever you are. The compliance functionality within Ontrack is superb and brings a whole new level of control into your business.

Not only can the Ontrack app essentially walk you through a job, but it can then give the operative reminders as they are working, with the loop being closed at the end of the job with the retrospective compliance function. If you want minimise risk and take back control of compliance, then Ontrack is the system for you!

If you need more information or would like a demo of Ontrack then please make contact with our team.