Are you at significant risk of an HA prosecution?

Operative using cutting saw

In March 2015, Level 5 Health and Safety offences were uncapped, meaning the potential fine is now limitless. Utilities companies didn’t really see the true impact of this until 2018 where multiple prosecutions took place ranging from £90,000 up to £385,000 for a few failures.

Mainly these prosecutions were a result of non-compliance with the Safety at Street Works and Road Works CoP (Red Book). A common difficulty in the industry is trying to deal with thousands of open excavations across a large network without any control. This volume of reactive work coupled with difficulties in full supervision results in an incredible potential risk of prosecution.

Ontrack gives you the capability to monitor jobs in real time, understand what field operatives are doing and even view images/videos wherever you are. The compliance functionality within Ontrack is superb and brings a whole new level of control into your business.

Not only can the Ontrack app essentially walk you through a job, but it can then give the operative reminders as they are working, with the loop being closed at the end of the job with the retrospective compliance function. If you want minimise risk and take back control of compliance, then Ontrack is the system for you!

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