Ontrack’s Brand History

Ontrack’s branding has evolved as much as the system has over the years.

In 2005, the launch of Ontrack allowed office users to see rich photography from the site, in real time. Our original logo, in the shape of an eye, reflects what was ground-breaking functionality at the time, sending the message that, for the first time, office users could have full visibility of any job.

2010 saw the release of Ontrack version 2, with the same emphasis on photography, combined with a wealth of additional Street Works information and planning tools. With this, came a refresh of the brand. The ‘O’ was stylised to represent hands holding the information. We wanted to transmit the message that Ontrack enables users to have full visibility of all job information in Ontrack, along with the tools to allow them to work more effectively.

The first product in the next generation Ontrack family, Ontrack Lite, was released last year. We have further exciting releases planned over the coming year, and so we felt it was the right time for another refresh!  Our new logo maintains Ontrack’s familiar green colour, and the subtle ‘power’ icon demonstrates that Ontrack is always on, accessible from anywhere and at any time, ready to empower its users.

If you would like a full history of Ontrack, please see our last post here.

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