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Ontrack is a cloud-based works management application that has been created to manage projects, jobs and tasks from start to finish. Ontrack is capable of managing multiple contracts, work-streams, planned and urgent jobs.

It provides real-time updates that are sent by site teams from all stages of their work through Ontrack Mobile. The system provides clear communication and full job data including photos, measures, videos, geotags and job history.

Ontrack Mobile

Ontrack Mobile is an app for iOS and Android devices, designed for operatives to use on site. The app was created to be easy to follow and enable quick capture of photos and job data. The app has an auditing feature that helps ensure that the job has been carried out safely and efficiently.

How does Ontrack Mobile work?

When a scheduler plans works to their teams through Ontrack the information is sent to the site operatives app.

The operatives will receive the planned tasks and the information they need to carry out their works from start to finish.

Ontrack Lite

Ontrack Lite is a lightweight version of Ontrack web designed to be accessed from any device that has a web browser and internet connection.

It is for users who are on the move and require works information quickly and easily. It provides the ability to view daily tasks, street works permit information, the location of the job, images, and issues reported in from operatives.

Ontrack Reporting

Ontrack’s reporting portal allows its users to understand the productivity and performance of their business. It provides a number of reports based on job data that has been captured throughout the works management process.

The reports function will allow you to track works across various contracts, jobs and tasks. It can also identify the level of productivity and the compliance of operatives, highlighting the risks such as liabilities or fines, and analysing trends.

All the above applications are available as one, easy to manage subscription. See our brochure for more information.