Save and Resume in questionnaires

Operatives with iPad and Ontrack Lite

The majority of site based questionnaires are short or can be completed relatively quickly, but what happens if you have a started a particularly long questionnaire and have to take a phone call or perhaps someone asks you a question?

Do you risk losing all the answers you have submitted so far?

The Ontrack team are pleased to be able to introduce the Save and Resume functionality which will resolve this issue and make the data collections tools in Ontrack among the best in the industry.

How does the save and resume work?

Each time you start a questionnaire, you will have the option to save a draft. This draft can be returned to later so there is no need to worry if something comes up to distract you. 

The questionnaire will look the same, but now when you navigate away, you will be presented with three new options:

Save Draft – saves latest changes so they are preserved for next time.

Discard Draft and return to Task – this loses any changes you have made in this session (any answers submitted in a previous session will be preserved because they were saved in previous edit).

Reset Questionnaire – this will remove the most recently added answers and revert back to the draft that I saw when first returning to the questionnaire.

On site data capture

Find out more about the importance of flexibility when completing on site data capture by speaking with our team.