What is the Engineering Quality Certificate?

Engineering Quality Certificate on iPad

Ontrack is pleased to announce the development of the Engineering Quality Certificate.

Reflecting the system configurations required, the EQC is a certificate issued by a contractor using the Ontrack system which provides documentary evidence of the works which have been completed.

It contains job data, photos and other evidence which certify that excavation and repair works have been completed in a high quality and compliant way.

The data in the EQC comes from operatives using the workflow features in Ontrack to complete their tasks in a pre-defined way, recording critical data and photographic evidence as they work.

Why did Ontrack create the EQC?

Following the successful launch of the award winning RQC last year, Ontrack have now extended the family of reports to include the Excavation work being delivered via the system.

The EQC retains and builds upon the desire embodied within the RQC to create an innovative solution which would support delivery of all sizes of utility contracts by providing evidence that excavation and engineering works had been completed to the required standard.

As Ontrack was already capturing the data and has extensive compliance functionality both in the main works management software and its companion app, the EQC was able to be developed and rolled out in record time.

What features in Ontrack support the EQC?

Ontrack has rich functionality specifically designed for contractors to use when completing utility and other street works. The Ontrack functions which provide the evidence for the EQC are:

  • Operative Workflow
  • Compliance Prompts
  • Task Questions
  • Tagging

Site operatives use the mobile app (iOS or Android) to record their tasks, thereby providing data which drives the EQC. The workflow is configured for each client meaning that your certificate reflects the way you work.

What are the benefits?

Utilities and other Statutory Undertakers have historically struggled to demonstrate that their works are done compliantly. They have also had issues with identifying retention at the end of contract periods with their contractors.

If a certificate can be created that meets the requirements of Section 71 of the New Road and Street Works Act (NRSWA) it will help solve industry wide issues and provide reassurance for both utility, highways agency and the contractors that works are compliant.

The EQC will evidence the excavation and engineering aspects of street works. It will include site safety, excavation compliance (SRoH) and Engineering Quality Assurance and can be used on all contracts by contractors using Ontrack as their works management system.

Produced in conjunction with its sister report the RQC, the EQC can provide complete peace of mind across the full spectrum of works delivered.

How can I use the EQC in my business?

The EQC can evidence compliance internally, to your utility client and to the Highway Authorities. It can be provided to utilities in water, electric, gas and telecoms and provides them with the assurance that their asset is being correctly maintained.

Being able to demonstrate compliance in a robust and evidential manner can reduce intrusive testing by HA’s and their partners. This reduces cost, disruption, and the carbon footprint of street works.

Certificates can be provided for individual jobs or a sample of jobs. The contents of the EQC can be varied between utility clients and are bespoke for each contractor.

Significant benefits have been experienced by those using the EQC. Since its introduction it has resulted in joint agreements for the reduction and stopping of core and air void testing for one major contractor. A reduction in visual defects has also been experienced.

Please let me know if you would like more information about how Ontrack and the EQC could help your business on sales@ontrackms.com 

Phil Harris, Business Development Manager, Ontrack