What is the Reinstatement Quality Certificate?

Ontrack was originally developed as a mission critical business tool to capture high resolution imagery and critical works data, and also coach operatives in best practice via configured prompts and questions.

The system itself promotes safety, efficiency and achievement of high quality work within and exacting compliance environment, delivering high levels of customer satisfaction and significant cost savings.

It also means that companies can audit work done, while retaining evidence for future scrutiny if challenges occur in the shape of claims, defects or charges. It is this core functionality which enabled the Ontrack team to create the integral ‘Reinstatement Quality Certificate.’

How does the Reinstatement Quality Certificate work?

A team can easily capture and upload data and imagery, in real time, as work progresses. This typically includes grab teams, white work teams and black work teams. 

As the job is completed within the system, Ontrack automates a Reinstatement Quality Certificate using a combination of pre-set data, such as material and equipment specification, combined with the images and information submitted by the teams.

A certificate is then available on each of the 100 jobs reinstated a day, with further development plans likely to enable the production of a list of sample jobs at the click of a button.

Why use the Reinstatement Quality Certificate?

Use of the Ontrack Reinstatement Quality Certificate creates greater value for all stakeholders, by reducing the cost and inconvenience of unnecessary site visits whilst positively impacting our shared customer satisfaction, operational efficiency and environmental objectives.